Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First short and leveraged commodity indices launched on LSE

From HedgeFunds Review:

ETF Securities, one of the lead traders in exchange traded commodities (ETCs), soft launched today (February 22) the first short ETC. A leveraged ETC will start trading next week.

The introduction of 33 short and 33 leveraged ETCs complements the existing 51 classic and forward ETCs already offered by EFT Securities. These products provide long exposure to different parts of the futures curve.

The short and leveraged products joining the existing group will be listed only on the London Stock Exchange. The classic and forward ETCs are traded on London as well as Paris, Milan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

The short and leveraged ETCs are priced off the Dow Jones-AIG Excess Return Indices. The returns match the daily percentage change in the indices and the interest component is added daily to give a total return....MORE