Friday, February 29, 2008

Carbon Offset Survey (Prices)

I tried to figure out how to work a Daily News pimps and prostitutes ref. into the headline but gave up when I realized I couldn't rhyme past "Fleiss' Vices Prices Crisis", which makes no sense at all, even to me.

DealBreaker (HT) comments:
Meant to link to this earlier, but Alex Kirtland offers up a surprising chart of carbon offset prices. Check it out. Let's just say, if there were anything like a true market price, it sure as hell isn't showing up. The price to offset a metric ton are all over the place. It also means that there's probably a way to make money on this, although liquidity and fungibility would both probably be an issue. But if you could.
From UsableMarkets:

For those of you for whom the guilt of producing emissions is just too much to bear, and would like to offset your “carbon footprint” by buying carbon offsets, there is no other place to begin but the Carbon Offset Survey at

Of course, if you’re feeling guilty, you may want to pay more rather than less, but regardless, here are the prices offered for the “retail” crowd from our various carbon (emissions) brokers.

The chart shows prices ranging from $3.95 to $39.60; $4.60 at the Chicago Climate Exchange (voluntary) and European Union Allowances at €21.63.

For grins and giggles they could have included the UNFCCC's CDM CERs LMNOP.