Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did Dow Jones & Co. Call the Intermediate Top in the Oil Biz.?

Immediate and short term, probably yes; long term, nah.
The news (CNBC video) that T. Boone Pickens was looking for a downtick in oil & natural gas got me thinking about the addition of Chevron to the DJIA on Feb. 19. First a look at the XOI components. I'll be back in a bit.

SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
APCANADARKO PETROLEUM61.03 10:31AM ETDown 0.81 (1.31%)1,633,463
BPBP PLC64.97 10:32AM ETDown 1.09 (1.65%)1,447,489
COPCONOCOPHILLIPS80.12 10:32AM ETDown 1.01 (1.24%)2,014,807
CVXCHEVRON CORP84.89 10:32AM ETDown 1.45 (1.68%)2,952,011
HESHESS CP93.47 10:32AM ETDown 0.94 (1.00%)789,798
MROMARATHON OIL CORP51.38 10:31AM ETDown 1.38 (2.62%)1,287,473
OXYOCCIDENTAL PET74.36 10:32AM ETDown 1.79 (2.35%)1,276,211
REPREPSOL YPF S.A.32.85 10:57AM ETDown 0.15 (0.45%)91,700
SUNSUNOCO INC64.50 10:31AM ETDown 0.27 (0.42%)867,273
TOTTOTAL S.A.73.82 10:31AM ETDown 0.44 (0.59%)412,920
VLOVALERO ENERGY CP60.22 10:32AM ETDown 1.22 (1.99%)1,506,011
XOMEXXON MOBIL CP86.89 10:32AM ETDown 1.21 (1.37%)6,850,529