Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We're Right Behind You : A proposed New Zealand approach to emissions reduction

The New Zealand Institute

From the Executive Summary:

A specific proposal

On this basis, it is recommended that New Zealand adopt a ‘fast follower’ approach. In this approach New Zealand would adopt a contingent target in which the depth and speed of the emissions reduction target is dependent on what happens in other countries.

The specific recommendation is that New Zealand take deliberate action in order to meet its Kyoto obligations of reducing emissions to 1990 levels, but aim to do so by 2020 rather than 2008-2012. Thereafter, the report proposes an indicative pathway of an annual 1% reduction in emissions, which would generate an expected 30% reduction in New Zealand’s emissions,
relative to 1990 levels, by 2050.

This pathway would be reviewed on a regular, say five-yearly, basis to assess whether it remains appropriate. The review criteria include actions taken by other governments, changes in global markets, and technological progress. It may be, for example, that New Zealand will target more significant reductions in emissions by 2050 if technology makes it possible to reduce emissions more efficiently or if a comprehensive global agreement to significantly reduce emissions is reached.

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