Friday, October 26, 2007

News From the Sickosphere: California Fires

By Glenn Hurowicz at Grist:

As Matt Stoller pointed out at Open Left, environmental groups haven't been very quick off the mark in responding to the California wildfires and framing them as a climate disaster. Whether it's Katrina, Rita, the 2003 wildfires, 2004 Florida hurricanes, or any of the numerous other climate disasters of recent years, environmental groups have been slow. It's true that you can't tie any particular climate disaster directly to global warming -- but it's easy enough to acknowledge that and then talk about how these kinds of disasters will become more frequent and more intense as the climate crisis worsens ... and then turn the conversation to solutions.

Mostly, environmentalists have been timid because they're afraid right wingers will accuse them of "exploiting" the tragedies, but environmental groups shouldn't decide what to say or not say on the basis of a few fringe anti-environmentalists. Framing these events as climate disasters directs the conversation...

I'm not sure what to say, here's the rest of it.

Slate's piece, Fanning the Flames: Bloggers on the California Wildfires is a great piece of work by Jake Melville, a roundup from left, center, right, eyewitnesses, loonies, politicians (repetez).