Friday, August 17, 2007

A Problem with Planktos

A link worth clicking follows this rant.
I have a problem with Planktos.
The stock you ask? The sleazeball stock promoters, brokers,
"P.R." types and deal guys that hustle this kind of thing?
The postulated release, as a result of their actions, of greenhouse gases 21 and 310 times more potent* than carbon dioxide? Not in this post, all of these points have been raised here and elsewhere.
My problem?

Planktos is thwarting my master plan for world domination!

Some backround. Years ago I set my course. In my dotage I would, like Sherlock Holmes, retire to the Sussex Downs and putter about as an amateur apiarist. Then came colony collapse disorder, all the bees started dying and I needed a plan B.

Okay. I'm flexible. I'll get out of the city and start a worm farm.
Here's my comment the day I realized that worm emissions are 290 times more potent than CO2.
Still adaptable, Plan C was to, over time, morph into an avatar, Bloggengeezer. Build the Climateer empire.

With an eye toward strengthening blogger/reader bonds I threw out the idea of a pool to guess when Planktos would release their second quarter financial results. No one, myself included, guessed they wouldn't file on time and have to request an extension from the SEC.

There has been uproar at Climateer world headquarters, meetings around the clock, legal counsel pulled away from party planning activities, crisis PR experts consulted. I've never had to deal with anything like this and I'm on plan C.
So yes, I have a problem with Planktos.

*Here's Planktos' response to some of the science questions. See if you can spot the irony (it's not "iron"but the two words in proximity make me laugh).

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal's Matthew Dalton had a much more measured (and intelligent) 500 word post at the Energy Roundup. Here's one line that caught my eye:
Fights like the one between Planktos and its critics will likely crop up again, demonstrating some of the risks that confront global warming entrepreneurs and their investors.