Saturday, July 15, 2023

"Turkey: Arrangements Have Been Made"

Following up on yesterday's ""Will Sweden Actually be Admitted Into NATO?"". 

From Strategy Page July 14, 2023: 

NATO members are still trying to understand the logic behind caving to Turkish extortion and allowing Turkey into the EU (European Union). Turkey recently asked European Union countries to let Turkey join the EU, or at least revive Turkey’s EU accession process. President Erdogan strongly suggested Turkey was willing to approve Sweden’s bid to join NATO, in exchange for Turkish EU membership. Turkey has been waiting at the door of the European Union for over 50 years now, and almost all of the NATO member countries now belong to the EU. Erdogan put it bluntly; open the way for Turkey’s membership in the EU and Turkey will agree to allow Sweden to join NATO. Turkey already approved Finland but demanded concessions before approving Sweden. At first Turkey demanded that Sweden extradite Kurds who are Swedish citizens but suspected of supporting Kurdish separatism in Turkey. The reason Turkish membership in the EU has been delayed for so long is the persistent corruption and bad economic policies by Turkish governments. The Turkish use of Swedish membership to extort concessions for Turkey is an example of what has kept Turkey out of the EU. NATO rules do not cover expelling a member, which some NATO members wanted to do to Turkey for its behavior towards Sweden. (Austin Bay)

July 13, 2023: Turkey was criticized by NATO allies in 2017, and praised by Russia when the Turks decided to buy the Russian S-400 air defense system rather than once used by its NATO allies. When Turkey ordered $2.5 billion worth of S-400 systems from Russia and this was criticized by NATO allies and the United States canceled the Turkish order for F-35 stealth fighters....