Monday, July 3, 2023

Media: "Major Publishers Are Reportedly Creating a Coalition Against AI"

I thought it was just some writers who were revolting rebelling.

From Observer, June 29:

Many news executives are already outspoken about the impacts of AI on journalism.

Large publishers are in talks to create a coalition to address the impacts of artificial intelligence on journalism, The Wall Street Journal reported. Discussions reportedly include executives and lawyers at The New York Times, Vox Media, the Journal-owned News Corp, Condé Nast-owned Advance and Dotdash Meredith-owned IAC. Axel Springer, which owns Politico and Insider, is also involved, according to the Journal. While an agenda and membership aren’t yet official, some executives at the top of these companies have already spoken out about the threat of AI on the industry.

Large language models like ChatGPT are a threat that Barry Diller, the billionaire founder of IAC, has addressed. While it is unclear what information these chatbots are trained on, the assumption is that some of it comes from news articles. As large language models become more mainstream, potentially negating the need for consumers to click into news sites, publishers could face revenue declines. If publishers don’t find “some way of getting compensated for it, all will be lost,” Diller said at the Semafor Media Summit in April. News publishers should band together against technology like ChatGPT, he said. That’s exactly what could happen with the proposed coalition....