Friday, July 14, 2023

Just Saw That Nikola Was Up 30% On The Day (plus Izabella Kaminska does a driveby) NKLA

And though we have no interest in two-dollar stocks it did remind me to post a thread (Twitter) from Izabella Kaminska. Since I have refrained from making a damn fool of myself in 140 280 characters, preferring to do so on the extended runway of the Blogger platform, I, and many others can no longer read more than one tweet of a thread. Thank you Mr. Musk.

So here's Threadreader to the rescue:

🧵Today is Nikola Tesla's birthday🐦‍⬛, July 10. It's also my birthday ... woo hoo. So I've decided to commemorate the day with a longish Twitter thread about the Tesla brand you've never heard of, plus a whole bunch of related curios. Full story is here: 

It's July 10, so here's a story about the Tesla brand you've never heard of - The Blind Spot To commemorate the birthday of electro wizard Nikola Tesla, here's an extended preamble into the unlikely and little-known story about the "other" Tesla that became a household name.

1/ Until Elon Musk pumped up the brand value of Tesla, it's fair to say Nikola Tesla's discoveries in the field of electromagnetic engineering and physics had for most of the 20th century been overshadowed by those of his contemporary Thomas Edison.

2/ Despite his many accomplishments, Tesla passed away in 1943 at the age of 86, alone and reportedly penniless, in a room he had rented at the Hotel New Yorker in Manhattan. 

3/ Everything of value — papers, diaries etc — was scooped up by the Office of Alien Property. These items, contrary to FBI claims for decades, were later analysed by specialist U.S. authorities for possible military or defence applications - something only confirmed in 2018 when……


Here is Ms Kaminska's Twitter timeline.

And here is The Blind Spot's homepage.