Tuesday, July 4, 2023

"Grape escape: Thieves make off with $700K worth of rare wine from LA liquor store"

 I'm telling you, there is something about food stories that bring out the worst puns.*

From the New York Post, July 4:

They made a grape escape.

Brazen thieves broke into a Los Angeles liquor store and stole roughly $700,000 worth of rare wines, according to the store owner.

The heist happened around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, Nazmul Haque Helal, the owner of Lincoln Fine Wines, told KTLA.

Security footage shared with the station shows a white pickup truck pulling up in the rear parking lot of the store before parking nearby, still in view of the camera....

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Apologies for the headline, I can't stop myself.
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HT: FT Alphaville's May 22 Further Reading post which went with the "Seafood and disrupt it" construction because, apparently, the puns are irresistible when dealing with food stories.

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