Thursday, July 13, 2023

UPDATED—"EXCLUSIVE: Fingerprints Found on Cocaine Bag at White House, Security Sources Say"

Update: Reuters' report explicitly says in the headline:

US Secret Service ends White House cocaine probe, no video, fingerprints, DNA available

So no DNA either. We are obviously dealing with a criminal mastermind here. 
Or the Mission Impossible team.
Or ghosts.

Original post:
Earlier today the Secret Service said that try as they might they could not figure out who belonged to the cocaine, or vice versa if you prefer your vice, versa.

From Soldier of Fortune, a source to which we've never previously linked, July 12, i.e. the day before the Secret Service announced they were clueless:

Officials at the White House know who handled a packet of cocaine that was found inside the Executive Mansion, and have confirmed that finding via fingerprint evidence, according to sources with direct knowledge of the investigation. 

“We know who handled it,” one security source said. “We’ve known since last week.”

Two sources disclosed the name of the person who is believed to have handled the packet. Soldier of Fortune is withholding the name pending official confirmation.

Agents with the U.S. Secret Service found “suspicious white powder” inside the White House on July 2, prompting an emergency evacuation while tests were performed on the powder. A lab test proved that the white substance was cocaine. 

Another test brought back a hit on fingerprints, the security source said.

The results came in quickly on the fingerprints because the sample was sent to a unit that gets results within 24 hours....


My money would be on the guy wandering the residence in the wee hours, obsessively repeating "Hookers and blow, hookers and blow, I'm gonna get me some hookers and blow."