Tuesday, February 4, 2020

"US offers to supply Belarus with oil and gas amid Russia tension"

Russia has been angling to get the USSR back together for a few years now, with the Eurasian Economic Union, initially Rus, Belarus and Kazakhstan, later joined by Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, being a part of the plan.
However, Belarusian President (since 1994) Lukashenko seems to like a bit of autonomy and resists Moscow's enticements toward "a more perfect union." Hence Pompeo goes a'courtin'. The Secretary of State also went to Kazakhstan on this swing through the 'hood.
With that bit of background here is New Europe, February 3:
US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said his country is ready to fully provide Belarus with energy resources at competitive prices, as its main oil provider, Russia, recently cut off its oil supplies.
Pompeo made the offer during his visit in Minsk, where he met with Belarusian foreign minister Vladimir Makei.

“The United States wants to help Belarus build its own sovereign country”, Pompeo said, and added: “Our energy producers stand ready to deliver 100% of the oil you need at competitive prices. We’re the biggest energy producer in the world and all you have to do is call us”.

Recently, Belarusian state-run oil company Belneftekhim started importing oil from Norway after Russia suspended its supplies in a pressure for deeper economic and military integration between the two neighbors.

Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko has reiterated his intention to protect Belarus’ independence....MORE
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