Wednesday, February 12, 2020

"Norwegian Oil Company Enlists Robo Dog For Offshore Operations"

From Sputnik:
note: not the Norwegian Sea
Spot the robotic watchdog will help Aker BP to patrol its ships, watch out for leaks, and investigate areas too dangerous for human workers.
In a bid to make offshore operations safer, more efficient and more sustainable, the Norwegian oil and gas company Aker BP has announced it will employ a robotic watchdog called Spot, created by Boston Dynamics, on the company’s ships in the Skarv region of the Norwegian Sea.

Spot, the four-legged 30-kilogram robotic dog will be charged with sniffing out leaks, taking data readings, inspecting faulty ship equipment, and completing inspections in work environments deemed too dangerous for his human colleagues. Additional tasks may include aerial and underwater inspections, and providing onshore operators with a telepresence on offshore installations....MORE