Thursday, October 17, 2019

Rabobank Weighs In On Aquaculture

Specifically the smaller footprint recirculating systems.
While you take a look at this I shall make enquiries on portfolio investment opportunities.

From The Fish Site:

Rabobank: why the tide is turning in favour of RAS production
The increased adoption of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) “will disrupt aquaculture trade flows, the supply chain and the marketing of salmon within the next decade.
So predicts Beyhan de Jong in a new report from Rabobank, published today, on the promising prospects of RAS production.

“We see the tide turning for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and see potential for this emerging technology to change the aquaculture game over the next decade,” asserts de Jong at the start of the report.

Planned salmon RAS production by country/continent © Rabobank

She goes on to back up her forecast that RAS production could account for up to 25 percent of the growth in salmon aquaculture by 2030 with a number of compelling points, although she questions whether the 50+ salmon RAS project currently under development will be able to reach their combined claims to produce over 700,000 tonnes of the fish by 2030....

Previous Rabo on our finny friends:
Rabobank on Feeding da Fishies

We have a certain respect for Rabobank in the agriculture biz and have mentioned it for years.
Here's a post from last spring, before most folks had even heard of African Swine Fever:

"Why African Swine Fever Will Have a Devastating Impact on the Pork Industry"
As we've tried to highlight when linking to Rabobank ag analysts:

Rabobank: "World Vegetable Map 2018"
Over the years we've found Rabo to rank among the sharper (read: more accurate in forecasts) analysts in the food and agtech sectors.
Plus, we've never seen something out of the Dutch behemoth to match this from "The great global avocado trade flow chart":
Correction: An earlier version of this item incorrectly described all the avocados exported by the Netherlands as having been grown there....
No sir, Rabobank knows the sourcing of their avocado toast.
That's from 2016. our praise goes back much further, they're pretty good at this stuff.

From's Successful Farming, April 16:

Exclusive interview with the world’s leading food and agricultural bank....MORE