Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tesla: When in Doubt, Consult an Elder (TSLA)

Bryce Elder, Markets Live, Alphaville House, London SE1:
BE There's a lesser known Chinese curse, "may you live in idiotic times".
BE And truly, we are living through The Age of The Curs'ed.
BE Of course ... Of course! ...... I'm talking about this.
BE And let's be clear, it makes no sense. None. Zero. Nil.
BE It's complete batshit nonsense.
BE From a financing perspective, from a legal perspective, from a logic perspective.
BE The actual words in the tweet don't even make sense! How would it be a take-private by Elon if his percentage stake remains the same?

BE (Welcome to Markets Live, BTW. FT Alphaville's thing with the stuff.)

BE So ....... what's really going on here?

BE I don't know! Not a clue! But like everyone else, I can speculate....