Sunday, August 12, 2018

So Today Would Be Schrödinger's 131st Birthday

Last year Google gave him a doodle:

This year's doodle is the Mexican comic/actor/screenwriter Cantinflas.

Back to Schrödinger.
The Independent rounded up some jokes:
  • Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't. 
  • The Google Doodle today both is and isn't about Schrödinger's cat. 
  • Curiosity may or may not have killed Schrodingers' cat
  • There ought to be a range of Schrodinger’s Cat Food. Half the price but a 50-50 chance of the tin being empty. 
  • Baa baa Schrödinger's sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, no sir, three bags simultaneously full and empty 
  • It's not every day you get to make weak jokes about Schrodinger on Twitter. And at the same time, it IS.
  • Schrödinger's cat simultaneously has 3 million, 0 and an annoying 301 views on YouTube. (@UltimateHurl) 
  • Every time I hear a joke about Schrödinger's cat a little part of me dies and simultaneously doesn't die. (@GeorgeGavin1)
  • Wanted: Schrodinger's cat. Dead and alive. 
If those aren't funny enough for you we still have Heisenberg's birthday coming up.
Get ready for some big uncertainty yucks.