Monday, August 6, 2018

Insurance: California's Carr Fire Still Expanding, Insured Losses Over $1 Billion

On August 3 Artemis headlined "Carr wildfire industry loss may surpass $1bn: Aon" while this morning we read:

Carr & Mendocino wildfires destroy 1,734 structures, still expanding
Wildfires in California have now destroyed 1,734 structures, 1,148 of which are residential properties, with another 304 structures damaged, as the Carr wildfire continues to burn and the Mendocino Complex wildfires expanded over the weekend.

As we explained last week, it’s now assumed that the Carr wildfire will result in insurance and reinsurance industry losses of above $1 billion according to broker Aon, while Moody’s put the impact to the industry at up to $1.5 billion.

The Carr wildfire is now the sixth most destructive California wildfire on record and covering an area of 160,049 and still only 43% contained, further damage to property is likely and the town of Redding remains under threat.

Meanwhile the so-called Mendocino Complex wildfire, which is made up of the Ranch fire and River fire, has now expanded to cover 218,319 acres with the Ranch fire and another 48,663 with the River fire.

The Ranch fire is only 23% contained and still expanding, while the River fire is under more control at 58% contained.

The Carr wildfire has now destroyed 1,080 residential properties, 24 commercial properties and 500 outbuildings, with another 190 residential properties damaged, 26 commercial properties damaged and 62 outbuildings damaged....MORE