Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ah Hell: "Barron’s senior editor Ray is leaving"

Mr. Ray at Tech Trader Daily has been one of the most reliable writers on tech and the stuff that matters to investors, none of the rah rah on the one hand or reflexive snarking on the other.
Instead he'd get Jensen Huang at NVIDIA on the phone and ask "What's up?"

After Tiernan took over from the creator of Barron's Tech Trader and Tech Trader Daily we headlined:
December 6, 2010
Barron's and Journo Tiernan Ray are Class Acts
Here's a post that just dropped out of one of the feed-readers:
Savitz Back At It: New Blog At Forbes
My good friend Eric Savitz, legendary founder of this blog you are reading, has started up his new gig over at Forbes.
Eric is now the San Francisco bureau chief for Forbes. However, he’ll also be maintaining a page called Tech Musings, where last night he posted an introduction, and where this morning he was already responding to the news of Groupon walking away from Google (GOOG).
It’s more Savitz, all the time. Amen.
Here's Talking Biz News, August 2:
Barron’s senior editor Ray is leaving

Tiernan Ray, a senior editor at Barron’s, is leaving the Dow Jones publication after 13 years.
In an email to his colleagues, Ray wrote: “Thanks for all your support during my time here. Wish me luck on the next adventure.”

Ray, who writes about technology, joined Barron’s in 2005. Before that, he worked for SmartMoney magazine and Bloomberg News.

At SmartMoney, he covered the impact of the internet on personal finance. He has wrote extensively on the topic of online banking, covering issues of safety and service, for the magazine and other publications including The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times....MORE
Also on Tiernan:
Nov. 20, 2010 
Eric Savitz is Leaving Barron's, Tiernan Ray Will Take Over at Tech Trader Daily

They had different styles with Savitz being a bit of a maniac and Ray going deep rather than wide.
This is from February 2010:

Eric Savitz Turned 15,000 Today
Posts that is.
Back in 2008 we called him the "Hardest working man in Show Business", a line we repeated during the Feb. 2009 reporting season: "Eric Savitz , The Hardest Working Man In Show Business! And: Book-to-Bill Ratio at 0.10"
As of 6:32 p.m. PST, I counted 22 posts at Tech Trader Daily timestamped "February 25, 2009..."
and I have a feeling that this time of the quarter is what Mr. Savitz lives for. "I feel good..."
Here's his "15,000 Posts - And Counting":
Oh my.
A few minutes ago, I hit the “publish” button on Tech Trader Daily post number 15,000. A little back-of-the-envelope math finds that comes to about 11 posts a day for the last 1,348 days; back out the weekends (but not holidays) and you get about 15 posts a day since the thing got going in late May 2006....MORE