Sunday, August 5, 2018

"A Tesla Short Seller Gets Q2 Results" (TSLA)

So there I was, flipping through Fascism: The Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies, you know #4, the Baltic issue. Stuff like:
Neither Hitler nor Quisling: The Ragnarok Circle and Oppositional National Socialism in Norway / Terje Emberland

‘Home, Religion, Fatherland’: Movements of the Radical Right in Finland / Oula Silvennoinen

Fascism by Popular Initiative: The Rise and Fall of the Vaps Movement in Estonia / Andres Kasekamp

Latvia’s Pērkonkrusts: Anti-German National Socialism in a Fascistogenic Milieu / Matthew Kott
Just trying to keep up with the academic research and doing some compare/contrast with yesterday's to-do in Portland Oregon, when out drops:

Now I can't stop laughing, not so much that Hitler got caught short, because Hitler, but because I really want to use the phrase "fascistogenic milieu" at the Thursday salon.

Oh and because of the Fa-Antifa in Portland:
This guy again
In addition to Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys and antifa descending on Portland on Saturday, clowns will be joining the masses and having a dance party.
Unpresidented Brass Band, a marching band created about a year and a half ago in response to the political climate, is organizing the event "Send in the Clowns!" which encourages "colorful folk" to protest Patriot Prayer's Saturday rally.

Here's Berlin (and another city I don't recognize), 1921-1929:

And just so you know, you can't really just "flip through"  The Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies, it's online only.