Thursday, February 2, 2017

People, People: Snapchat Isn't a Camera Company, It's A Digital Lifestyle Platform

Ignore the S-1, forget trying to make the numbers work, it's the experience that matters.

Here's a Futurist, Brian Solis:
SnapChat Changes Name and Focus; Snap, Inc. Now a Digital Lifestyle Company
And a Digital Media Specialist, Federico Francioni at PwC:
And ourselves, last October:
Is Snap Inc. Building a Wearable Face Recognition Device for the National Security Agency?
For folks too busy having a real-world life to keep up with this stuff, Snap is the recently created parent company of double-decacorn Snapchat (think Google/Alphabet) which, deciding it would be more than just the app, rolled out video recording "Spectacles" to do image capture and upload:
They would now like you to think of them as a "digital lifestyle" platform, thank you very much.
They've also hired bookrunners for a potentially blockbuster IPO early next year....
See? 'Company',' Brand', 'Platform', it's all good, as long as you have "Digital Lifestyle" in there.