Thursday, February 2, 2017

Argentine Judge Turns Down Prosecuter Request To Jail Uber Executives, Orders Service Blocked Instead

First up QCostaRica, Jan. 31:

Argentinian Court Orders Nationwide Block of Uber, Denies Request to Jail Executives
(Q24N) A Buenos Aires judge has ordered a nationwide block of Uber. Internet providers are to block Uber throughout Argentina starting Monday, January 30, Prosecutor Martín Lapadú said; however, the request to arrest the directors of the company was not approved.

“Uber breached a court order that barred it from operating in the Argentine capital as of April 2016,” Lapadú said in explaining why the requests were made.

The Municipal Prosecutor’s Office released a statement saying that “their requests are based on the Uber executives never ceasing in their violations but rather continuing to completely ignore judicial mandates by continuing their illegal activity.”

Lapadu reportedly told local media that internet providers could close down Uber’s platforms as long as the blockade order actually spreads across the country....MORE
That report is based in part on a Reuters story:
Argentine judge orders Uber blocked, declines detention