Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ag Companies: Hmmm, A Trend Appears To Be Emerging (ADM; MOS)

As Grandmother used to say, "If it's not one tham ding It's another".
Three from Agrimoney over the last 24 hours:

Mosaic cuts dividend, despite smaller-than-expected profits drop

Mosaic, forecasting a "gradual" pace in fertilizer market recovery, realised long-standing investor speculation of a dividend despite, unveiling a smaller-than-expected drop in profits.
The fertilizer group - the world's top producer of finished phosphate nutrients, and a major potash producer – said that "as a reflection of our commitment to investors to maintain a strong financial position" it was cutting its annual dividend payout to $0.60 a share, from $1.10 a share last time....
ADM profits miss expectations, as oilseed crush margins fall 
Agribusiness giant Archer-Daniel-Midand reported lower than expected profits, as the company reported weak results from its global trade desk, and oilseed processing profits little improved, thanks to lower crush margins. 

ADM's agricultural services segment benefited from strong "strong global demand for US commodities, "which supported export volumes.

But the global trade desk lost money, thanks to lower marketing opportunities, and poor execution...
Cargill profits growth to slow - but has 'firepower for deals' nonetheless