Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Engineers pave the way towards 3D printing of personal electronics "

By-the-bye, forget about printing your own guns, at least for now:
3-D Printed Gun Only Lasts 6 Shots

From the University of Warwick:
Scientists are developing new materials which could one day allow people to print out custom-designed personal electronics such as games controllers which perfectly fit their hand shape.

The University of Warwick researchers have created a simple and inexpensive conductive plastic composite that can be used to produce electronic devices using the latest generation of low-cost 3D printers designed for use by hobbyists and even in the home.

The material, nicknamed ‘carbomorph’, enables users to lay down electronic tracks and sensors as part of a 3D printed structure – allowing the printer to create touch-sensitive areas for example, which can then be connected to a simple electronic circuit board.

So far the team has used the material to print objects with embedded flex sensors or with touch-sensitive buttons such as computer game controllers or a mug which can tell how full it is.

The next step is to work on printing much more complex structures and electronic components including the wires and cables required to connect the devices to computers....MORE
Warwick is becoming a world-class center for disruptive 3D tech, worth keeping an eye on.