Monday, May 2, 2011

"Reactions Vary to Bin Laden's Death": Trump, Chomsky et Cie.

Sorry about the "et Cie" bit, I was thinking of them as a Swiss Bank.
From Jihad Watch:
The violent end of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden has provoked a wider variety of responses than expected. While many in the West welcomed news that a CIA operation had “terminated” the jihadist “with extreme prejudice,” some public figures expressed more nuanced responses:

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump: “I'm very happy to hear these reports of Mr. Laden's supposed 'death.' But I don't think the American people are going to be satisfied with rumors, second-hand reports, and some hasty, secret burial at sea. This so-called 'deather' issue won't be put to bed until President Obama does the right thing: What Americans want to see is the long form of Mr. Laden's Hawaiian death certificate. Then they want my team of top-notch, world-class investigators to go over the paperwork and make sure everything is hunky-dory. Pending that, I consider myself guardedly optimistic that Mr. Laden might be dead. But the President has got some serious questions to answer, unless in two years he wants to hear the voters tell him, 'You're fired.'"

M.I.T. linguist and international gadfly Prof. Noam Chomsky: “This kind of killing for hire, conducted by the agents of a transnational hyperpower on the soil of an impoverished, developing country that is still recovering from the brutal heritage of Western colonialism, accomplished in secret then trumpeted by the agents of Corporate Media, is just what we have come to expect from the Warfare State. As the last and ugliest manifestation of Late Capitalism, fighting off the death convulsions of irresolvable internal contradictions, secret murder is only a symptom, and we should not be fooled by those who think that putting a stop to CIA and Mossad assassinations will do more than slow down by a few months the inevitable collapse of Amerika's narco-terrorist plutocracy.”...MORE

I am quite positive this is the first time we've linked to JW.