Monday, May 9, 2011

"A Graphical Look at Bill Gross’s Investor Letters"

The professional scribblers at Deal Journal have been tweaking Mr. Gross on his writing style for the last couple weeks. Follow the jump and see the Line of the Day link, below.
From Deal Journal:
What will it take for Bill Gross to start buying U.S. Treausurys? Another recession.

His comments, made to Reuters, come just days after his monthly investor letter was posted on PIMCO’s website. Gross argued in favor of non-dollar-demoninated emerging-market debt. Why? Because low interest rates such as those in the U.S. coupled with inflation represent “an immediate threat” to investment portfolios....MORE
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Climateer Line of the Day: Professionally Speaking Edition

DJ confrere Matt Phillips, proprietor of MarketBeat also got into the act in our post:
PIMCO's Bill Gross Tells Investors About The Time He Acted Like A Cheap Prick To A Waitress