Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ace Greenberg: "never make fun of a millionaire, never hit a cripple, and never have sex with an idiot."

I mentioned Mr. Greenberg in a post last November "First Solar Option Maximum Pain at $135.00 Strike (FSLR)":
...Max pain is related to options "pinning" where the stock settles near (within pennies of) a strike price on expiration day.

[he knows expiration is actually the next day, ask him about the friend who cleared BSC and got a call from Ace Greenberg: "Where's my fucking ten million dollars?". Close those positions if you don't want them exercised. -ed]...
The friend had put the phone on speaker.
When Mr. G. inquired as to the whereabouts of the needed funds the friend took the phone off speaker and waved me out of the room.
The headline quote is from DealBreaker's:
Ace Greenberg Has Some Advice He’d Like To Share
From the same story:

Dick Fuld: Never stab a hobo that panhandles on your street and whose friends can ID you to the cops.

Alan Greenspan: Make sure your per diem covers the girls.

Someone in Stamford: Never appear on a Spanish language talk-show to dish on your psychopath ex-wife if you consider yourself a highly secretive hedge fund billionaire