Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Talkin' Trash and Makin' Cash: Buffett Ups Position in Waste Hauler Republic Services; Bails on Health Insurers Wellpoint and United Health (RSG; UNH)

Most of the stories are focusing on Buffett's selling off some of Berkshire's Kraft. Big whoop.
Everyone knew he didn't like the Kraft/pizza/Cadbury deals.
More intriguing are positions that increase. He upped the Republic Services position to 10.827Mil. shares from 8.29Mil.
His pal Bill Gates also owns 1.35 MM RSG.

Here's the six month chart on RSG from Yahoo Finance:
Chart forRepublic Services Inc. (RSG)

I added the health insurers because he took the positions to zero. Insurance reform anyone?

He also sold all of BRK's Travelers Insurance.
I'd take that to be a judgement on property/casualty insurers if the position hadn't been so small (27,336 shares).
Most of the positions were unchanged.