Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Directors Make Poor Share Investors

The person you want to watch is the Chief Financial Officer.
If you see a CFO making open market purchases, and especially if the officer in question is not in the habit of doing so, it is safe to assume that someone has done their due diligence.
From Money Morning Australia:

Until recently, your Money Morning emails contained a section at the bottom of the email called ‘Directors Dealings.’ It had no editorial and no comments. All it contained was a select list of company directors that had either bought or sold shares in their own company.

In mid January your editor decided to get rid of that section. For two reasons - one reason was that although it was only a small section, it was the most time consuming to produce. But secondly, our gut instinct was that the information by itself was irrelevant.

I’ll explain what I mean shortly.

For years everyone knew that insider trading was rampant. That a select few individuals within a company, or connected to a company had access to information that no-one else did....MORE