Monday, March 2, 2009

"Once Upon a Denver Bleary, How I Pondered Green and Weary"

The Wall Street Journal has a new blog!
That brings the number of ponies in the the stable to a bazillion!
I may never have time to do anything but read WSJ blogs!
Where else but Heard on the Runway are you going to see stuff like this:

The collection was outstanding....

Associated Press
A model wears a creation as part of the
Prada Fall/Winter 2009/2010 fashion collection

Okay, sarc/off. (wait, one more-Is it just me or do you think of Eva Braun when you look at that picture?)
[it's just you -ed]

The new blog is Andy Jordan's American Journey (from whom I stole the title of this post) which is described by the Journal's Washington Wire thusly:
WSJ’s American Journey Blog: Searching for Economic Stimulus

Washington Wire recommends checking out The Wall Street Journal’s latest blog, American Journey, a one-man multi-media operation headed up by WSJ’s Andy Jordan who is traveling coast to coast in search of “people, communities and companies at the forefront of economic stimulus and the conversion to a greener economy.”

Featuring original videos, interviews, and analysis, the American Journey blog puts a human face on how the economy is affecting everyday American lives.

A Thursday post takes a look at President Barack Obama’s proposal to move towards electronic medical records as a way to save on health care costs with a visit to Dr. Patrick Goggin’s office in Cambridge, Ohio, which uses an electronic system.

As a bonus, Andy also shares his adventures on finding vegetarian options in the heartland.

Some of the early posts (the trek apparently began Feb. 23):

Yes, Mom. It’s a Hybrid!

Electric Car, Where Art Thou?

February 23, 2009, 06:20 PM EST
Well, I Was Runnin’ Down the Road…
  • Mapping Andy's Journey
    Welcome to Andy Jordan’s American Journey, or “AJ squared,” as we’ve taken to calling it around the newsroom. It’s a project that began with President Obama and Senator McCain providing a pushpin cushion for my map and will end when I arrive at the ECO:Nomics conference (sponsored by The Wall Street Journal — also sponsoring me and this cross-country trip!) in Santa Barbara, CA to cover the likes of Al Gore, the European Union’s Vaclav Klaus and Google’s Eric Schmidt.

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  • February 23, 2009, 03:13 PM EST

    Getting the Lead Out

    Cars aren’t the only hybrids out there. Hybrid batteries, or more exactly Advanced Batteries, are getting a lot of attention, and money: $2 billion in the stimulus bill, to be exact. What are they? Axion Power, A company in New Castle, Pennsylvania is replacing some of the lead in the traditional car battery workhouse, the lead-acid battery, with activated carbon. The end result: a battery that lasts up to four times longer, a key battle in building batteries for electric and hybrid cars–something even Steve Jobs hasn’t been able to figure out: building a battery that lasts longer than it takes to watch two movies.

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You get the idea. It's pretty good.

I'm going to have nightmares about that Prada model.