Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Corrections (belated)

From today's New York Times:
An article on April 30, 1906, about a New York watch repairer, Jonathan Dillon, who recalled secretly inscribing Abraham Lincoln’s watch while working on it in a Washington jewelry store in 1861, misstated part of the inscription, using information from Mr. Dillon (who the article noted had, at 84, “a remarkable memory.”) The inscription reads:...MORE

HT: the Columbia Journalism Review

We are junkies for corrections, one of the reasons "Regret the Error" is on the link list despite the fact that they missed the greatest of all time, from the Ottawa Citizen:
“The Ottawa Citizen and Southam News wish to apologize for our apology to Mark Steyn, published October 22nd.

In correcting the incorrect statements about Mr. Steyn, published October 15th, we incorrectly published the incorrect correction.

We accept and regret that our original regrets were unacceptable, and we apologize to Mr. Steyn for any previous distress caused by our previous apology.”
HT: Jay Leno