Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cisco to help cities go green (CSCO)

We have been intrigued as all get out by CSCO's approach. Use the 'Search Blog' box if you're interested in what else they're up to.
From the San Jose Mercury News:

Cisco Systems is quietly preparing for markets that don't exist — yet.

On Friday, the company announced it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Metropolis, an organization of 106 large cities mostly outside the United States, to collaborate on a project to help leaders use technology to be more efficient and less polluting.

Cisco sees such alliances as part of its larger plan of moving beyond its core products — routers and switches accounted for about half the company's revenue during its most recently completed quarter — to meet Chief Executive John Chamber's aggressive growth targets of 12 to 17 percent a year.

For now, such news is not on Wall Street's radar.

"I don't think Wall Street is paying any attention to it. It's not anything that seems to move the needle," said Mark McKechnie, analyst with American Technology Research. But he noted that public entities account for about 20 percent of Cisco's business....MORE