Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Solar and Knut the Polar Bear (FSLR)

So much for 205 on the FSLR. Here's our market snapshot:

Still Think I'm Cute?

Fangs for the memories: Knut is separated from this little boy by six inches of glass
One year on, cuddly Knut has turned into a 22st killing machine

From the Daily Mail

We've had a lot of Knut, here's the list. Here I called him a fat freak (after making sure I was a few thousand miles away)

Here's one of my fav. posts:

Economists vs. Ecologists

From John Tierney's NYT blog, TierneyLab:

Last week’s column about Bjorn Lomborg’s ideas for combating global warming generated lots of angry comments, including the suggestion that Dr. Lomborg and I be fed to polar bears.
Feed Lomborg and Tierney to the polar bears!

Oh, but that will only postpone the bear’s extinction by a day or two.

— Posted by Patrick Furtado

...I'm looking forward to the WSJ's Weekend Journal
reviewing my new restaurant; Der Eisbär.
"An eclectic menu, featuring baby seal and a delicious smoked Danish economist but strangely lacking croissants..."
I'm not much into anthropomorphizing critters.