Friday, March 14, 2008

Europe gives US airlines 'go green' ultimatum

If the dollar falls to 2.00 to the Euro [I'm looking for $1.61, up from a November guesstimate of $1.51-53] look for a lot of flights from Europe deadheading back to Europe.

From The Guardian:

US airlines must pay for their carbon dioxide emissions or face a curb on flights to the European Union, the EU transport commissioner has warned.

The "go green" ultimatum was issued by Jacques Barrot as the transatlantic airline market undergoes its biggest shakeup in 30 years when limits on flights between the EU and US are lifted this month. Barrot said negotiations on a second phase for the treaty, will include a demand that US carriers join the EU emissions trading scheme or an equivalent system in the US.

He added that requests by Washington for data on passengers overflying the US are disproportionate and will not be accepted by the EU, in a warning that aviation security measures across the Atlantic are becoming too draconian.

However, the environmental dispute between the EU and the US administration, which is refusing to let airlines join a carbon trading scheme, is set to escalate following Barrot's comments on Open Skies negotiations. Discussions on a second phase with officials from the US department of transportation begin in May and Barrot said the EU had the power to withdraw flying rights if a deal is not reached.

"It's always possible to imagine reducing the number of flights or suspending certain rights,">>>MORE