Monday, March 10, 2008

Climateer Gets a Psychiatric Diagnosis and a Kind Word

From Maril Hazlett at the Climate and Energy Project blog:
...Also, a plug for one of my favorite blogs - Climateer Investing. Whoever writes it posts an insane amount of posts, but they are spot on in identifying trends.

There are a couple methods trendspotters can use. In some ways the easiest way to spot a trend is to start one.
The other method?
Pay attention.

One occurrence of an idea is an anomaly or dataPOINT.
Two occurrences, a LINE of thought.
Three and Climateer shouts "We got us a meme". Which can startle people. Especially if I've tipped over in my chair again and am found on the floor, laughing.

Thanks for the observation Maril, here's a Technorati bump back 'atcha.