Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Russia Prepares To Test Nuclear Powered Doomsday Drone Torpedo

From The Barents Observer:

Russia's 'doomsday drone' prepares for testing
One year after the fatal accident with a nuclear-powered missile in the White Sea, Russia's weapon designers say a test launch the Poseidon nuclear powered underwater drone will take place this fall. 
The test-launch will take place from the “Belgorod” submarine, a source in the military-industrial complex told RIA Novosti.

The drone, formed as a giant torpedo, is built to carry a several megatons nuclear warhead and is described by weapons analysts as a “doomsday nuke”. Powered by a small nuclear reactor, the Poseidon has a believed range of 10,000 km across the world’s oceans.

Launched from the Barents Sea or other waters in the Arctic, the drone can autonomously cross the North Atlantic. If detonated outside the east coast of the United States, the nuclear warhead could create a several tens of meters high tsunami wave additional to damage caused by the nuclear blast itself.

The Barents Observer first reported about the existence of the weapon in 2016. In March 2018, President Vladimir Putin confirmed the existence of the upcoming giant underwater drone.
Poseidon was one of six new strategic nuclear weapons presented by the President.
In July 2018, Russia’s Ministry of Defense released a video showing the workshop where the drone was assembled and an animated film demonstrating how the drone potentially could be used in a real warfare situation.

One of Kremlin’s controlled media, Radio Sputnik, on Tuesday aired an interview with former GRU colonel Aleksandr Zhilin who elaborates on the drone’s advantages....