Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"British businessman accused of being a "serial killer" by Vladimir Putin after fighting anti-corruption campaign arrested in Spain on Russian arrest warrant"

From The Mirror, 30 May:
Bill Browder has previously spoken of his fear that he will be killed by the Russian government
A British businessman branded a "serial killer" by Russian President Vladimir Putin has been arrested in Spain.

Bill Browder, who has previously said he fears for his life, said he was arrested on an Interpol arrest warrant this morning.

Mr Browder has led a campaign calling for justice after his Russian lawyer died in prison after uncovering a huge fraud believed to involve Russian officials.

Earlier this year the hedge-fund manager, one of the Kremlin's most high-profile public enemies, told MPs: “What the Russians would like to do more than anything is arrest me and get me back to Russia and then kill me in the control of their own system."

And he added: “I’m at risk, at high risk. I don’t spend my life living in fear, but I am definitely at risk.”...MORE