Thursday, October 22, 2015

"S&P Breaks Key Technical Resistance, Now What?"

Following up on this morning's "Chartology: An Important Spot For The Market"
Onwards to S&P 2250.
DJIA 17,452.12 Up 283.51 (+1.65%)
S&P    2,050.73 Up 31.79   (+1.57%)
S&P Financial Sector ETF  23.92 (+1.77%)
From ZeroHedge, 11:55 EDT:

S&P 500 Futures just broke above the 200-day moving-average for the first time since August 19th. With crude, bonds, and credit all decoupled from this exuberance, one wonders what happens next... though clearly all-time highs will be required to enable The Fed to raise rates in October (currently a 6% probability)

Charts: Bloomberg