Thursday, October 22, 2015

"ISIS unveil newest weapon to tackle Russian fighter jets... CONDOM bombs"

In August's "UPDATED--It's The Uber For....Ah Screw It: On Demand Condoms Delivered In Under An Hour" I had to ask:
Marketed to whom? 
Guys whose priapism makes a walk to the corner store less than comfortable? 
Shakes the Clown meth-binging and frenetically making balloon animals? 
Who needs this service? 
Well now we know.
It's the Die, infidel die-screaming jihadis.

From the Express:
The incredible three minute video shows jihadis putting together the explosives before releasing the contraceptives into the air. 
Said to take place in the Syrian town of Idlib, the scenes show the desperate levels the terrorists are going to try to stop Vladimir Putin's onslaught. 
The astonishing footage, which has religious chanting running over the top, begins with jihadis assembling the bombs in a room with Arabic writing on the walls.They then release them into the sky before they explode. 
Moscow's offensive on ISIS has seen hundreds of targets obliterated in three weeks of airstrikes. 
Earlier this week Russian defence chiefs revealed yesterday it had taken out 49 buildings and vehicles belonging to the terror group in just one day alone. ...MORE
ISIS condom bombs