Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Belfast Is the European City Most At Risk Of Terror Attack

For what it's worth, three cities, Luhansk (46) and Donetsk (56) in Ukraine, and Grozy (54) in Russia, rank higher than Belfast but RT doesn't entertain the idea that they are European.
From RT:

Terror threat: Belfast most dangerous city in Europe – risk analysts
Belfast faces the highest risk of terrorism of all European cities, while London is “low risk” despite being an “attractive target,” a new study claims.

The research, published this week, examines cities across the globe most likely to suffer terror attacks. It was carried out by risk analytics firm Verisk Maplecroft, which compiles data for use by insurers and financial corporations.
The focus of the report is guiding investment and protecting global economies from the risks of terrorism.
An estimated 80 percent of global GDP is generated from cities,” Verisk Maplecroft’s leading analyst, Charlotte Ingham, told the Independent.

Visibility of the sub-national differences in terrorism levels should be an imperative for multinational organizations looking to understand and price the risks to assets, employees and supply chains,” he said.

London is ranked 400th, despite the current heightened terror alert. Verisk Maplecroft says this low ranking comes from the fact that Britain’s capital has not suffered a terror attack since the 7/7 bombing in 2005.
Paris has soared in the rankings to 97th, however, due to the attack on the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in January.

The risk level in Paris is representative of a wider trend for Western countries, including Belgium, Canada and Australia, where key urban centers face substantially higher threat levels than elsewhere in the country,” Verisk Maplecroft said.

A number of African cities are considered high risk, including Nairobi in Kenya and Lagos in Nigeria.
Belfast’s position as most-at-risk city in Europe may also reflect recent British defense policy.

In March, it was announced that British Special Forces soldiers are once again operating in Northern Ireland to counter violent dissident groups including the Real IRA, intelligence sources say....MORE
Here's Verisk's product page.

According to the map at the Daily Mail Las Vegas Nevada is also dangerous:
Hotbeds of terror: The map produced by Verisk Maplecroft gives an at-a-glace breakdown of the world's most dangerous cities, with the worst places marked out in red