Monday, January 26, 2015

Poland To Help Holders Of Swiss Franc Denominated Mortgages

Speaking of borrowing in a currency other than the one you earn your income in.*
From Reuters:

REFILE-Poland may help CHF loan holders at banks' expense -PM Kopacz
(Removes extraneous word from headline)
* Polish PM is considering help for CHF mortgage holders
* Details to be presented later this week
* Poland faces presidential and general elections this year
By Marcin Goclowski
WARSAW, Jan 26 (Reuters) - Poland may help financially troubled holders of Swiss franc-denominated mortgages at the expense of the banks and will present specific proposals by the end of the week, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said on Monday.

Kopacz, who faces an election this year, did not spell out what form such help might take. She was speaking after hundreds of people staged protests in several Polish cities at the weekend demanding the government's help in repaying Swiss franc-denominated mortgages following the currency's sharp rise....MORE