Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Global Firestorm Generated By Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Doubted - Videos"

False advertising in the headline.
No, we don't have videos of the Asteroid impact, all we have are these drawings from NASA and if you ask me that doesn't even look like the Yucatan, I mean, where are the people?

From Ideas, Inventions and Innovations:
Pioneering new research has debunked the theory that the asteroid that is thought to have led to the extinction of dinosaurs also caused vast global firestorms that ravaged planet Earth.

A team of researchers from the University of Exeter, University of Edinburgh and Imperial College London recreated the immense energy released from an extra-terrestrial collision with Earth that occurred around the time that dinosaurs became extinct. They found that the intense but short-lived heat near the impact site could not have ignited live plants, challenging the idea that the impact led to global firestorms.
An extra-terrestrial collision with Earth occurred around the time that dinosaurs became extinct. 

Image courtesy of  NASA
These firestorms have previously been considered a major contender in the puzzle to find out what caused the mass extinction of life on Earth 65 million years ago.

The researchers found that close to the impact site, a 200 km wide crater in Mexico, the heat pulse - that would have lasted for less than a minute - was too short to ignite live plant material. However they discovered that the effects of the impact would have been felt as far away as New Zealand where the heat would have been less intense but longer lasting - heating the ground for about seven minutes - long enough to ignite live plant matter....MORE