Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Knew Société Générale's Albert Edwards Was Crazy But This is Nuts (Sept. 27, 2012)

 Back in May 2011 I commented:
Albert does not wear the devil-may-care look well:

Our Hero

In fact he appears a bit deranged when he tries to smile.
Here's the latest via FT Alphaville:
A bear bath
“The Fed will destroy the world”
As top lines go it’s pretty decent… and when you follow up with a pic of a strategist in a bath you leave us no choice but to post (we tried to resist, we really did):

Many market participants have linked the surge to increased confidence in a rebound in China’s economy. I have to own up. My wife has just purchased the bath on the front page for our new house. I did ask her if we really needed a bath with that much cast iron content (not to mention the expense, which might be why I look so glum), as I only ever have showers. But she put the order in and it seems to have led to September’’s pop in iron ore prices. Expect the market to relapse once again now the bath is in position.
That’s Albert Edwards, SocGen’s strategist in chief, who is once again stocking up on tinned food and hyperbole...MORE
Albert, as someone who cares deeply about your mental state, the next time you're in Germany, a stop by the Max-Planck-Institut für Psychiatrie München might be in order. As the leading European researchers and clinicians in anxiety and depression disorders they might be able to help. Okay?