Monday, November 21, 2011

Marin County Pension Battle Pits Haves Against Have-Mores

Hat tip for the headline to Public Sector, Inc.
I was going to save it for something on the NBA but was reminded of a June 2009 post:
Obama Stimulus Slow to Buoy ‘Real Economy’ as Marin Awaits Cash

Pity poor Marin. Caught between Sonoma and San Francisco.
Scraping by on a median income of $83,870 (highest in Cali.).
The squalor of Sausalito:

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Okay, sarc off. Here's the story from  the Marin Independent Journal:

Study: Soaring Marin pension bill fueled largely by top tier

The soaring cost of Marin County's pension program is driven in large part by plump benefits for a few hundred retirees at the top, a new study indicates.

Some 30 percent of the Marin County Employee Retirement Association's pension payroll goes to just 9 percent of retirees who get checks of more than $80,000 a year — including ranking officials, safety officers and others who retired at top pay after long tenures....MORE

I like that "plump benefits" bit.

Also at the Independent-Journal:

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