Monday, November 21, 2011

"Angola offers help to struggling Portugal" (and good luck to Italy)

I'm getting the impression that Portugal must have been a half-decent colonial overlord.
Last year we had:
Line of Demarcation*: Portugal Reportedly Prefers Loans from Brazil over IMF, EU
about Brazil offering to buy some of Portugal's debt.

Today it's Angola.
From Foreign Policy's Passport blog:
Eurocasualty Portugal may get a helping hand from an unexpected source, it's oil-rich former colony Angola:
Angola is prepared to help its former colonial power Portugal cope with its financial crisis, the oil-rich nation's President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos said. After meeting visiting Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, he said solutions needed to be found. They should be "advantageous for both countries" and "in a spirit of solidarity and mutual help", he said.

Analysts say Portugal's economy is expected to contract by 2.8% next year and Angola's to grow by 12%....MORE
Passport comments:
...Italy's former colonial empire -- comprised of the territories that are now Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea -- is likely to be in a far less generous mood....