Friday, April 29, 2011

An Addition to the Blogroll: Abnormal Returns

We haven't made any changes in the blogroll for over a year and it's about time to play catch up.
With 1300 feeds and terminals there is a lot of stuff we miss even though it is in a feedreader. Yesterday's Goldman Sachs post was an example. We subscribe to Foreign Policy but haven't been to that feed-reader for a few days so if a reader hadn't brought it to our attention we might not have seen it until next week.

As the number of sites proliferate and the content-scraping (we're guilty but try to give readers a reason to follow the link back to the source) creates an echo chamber, the value of a pre-reader, someone who cuts through some percentage of the dreck, increases.

One of the best is Abnormal Returns.

Along with FT Alphaville's daily Further Reading post AR is one of the best annotated-links posts on the net.
Now they're on our blogroll.

We'll have more additions over the next month or so.