Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rare Earths: Pssst, You Want a Hot Tip in the Market? (FRO.TO; FRO.WT)

On page 254 of Edwin Lefevre's Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (online version) we read:

...At the same time I realise that the best of all tipsters, the most persuasive of all salesmen, is the tape....
Read the book, it's the best tip I've got.
Livermore understood markets.
Mr. Lefevre also wrote a short story called The Tipster, published in 1901.

If, on the other hand, monsieur et madame should be in the market for say, a wild-ass mining speculation, I would like to draw your attention toward:

A Luxembourg based company with
An undeveloped South African rare earth deposit whose stock
Trades on the Toronto stock exchange.

I'm thinking the warrants.

Here are the specifics via CanadianWarrants.com:

Warrant Symbol - FRO.WT
Number  Trading - 11,472,715
Expiration Date - November 17, 2012
Cusip - G36830 11 8
Exercise Price - $4.60

Here are the charts, again from CanadianWarrants.com:

Frontier Rare Earths Warrants
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Frontier Rare Earths Limited
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Here is the only reason I would even look at such a potentially fine bit of scripophily:

Our September 9 post, "Rare Earth Metals: "Chinese Institutional Investors Look At Rare Metals Overseas" (AVL.TO: LYC.AX; MCP; UCU.V)" ended:

...America’s needs for light rare earths will be oversupplied by Molycorp as will Australia’s by Lynas in a massive way. For the heavy rare earths, America’s needs can be meet and exceeded  by Ucore Rare Metals and Rare Element Resources. The needs of China, Japan, Korea and India for heavy rare earths can be met by the Canadian and African operations of Great Western Minerals Group, the Canadian operations of Avalon Rare Metals or Quest Rare Minerals, and the southern African operations of Frontier Rare Earths and Tantalus Rare Earths....MORE

The stock is up 7 cents this morning at $3.05.
Frontier is weighted at 5.9% in the Bloomberg Rare Earth Mineral Resources Index.
As with anything you see on the internet, if you are making investment decisions based on some blog, you deserve what you get.
Should there be profits, they're yours.
Losses? You own 'em.