Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Inflationary Thursday – Dow 15,000 + $5 Will Get You a Happy Meal" (except in San Francisco)

I like the headline as much as anything.
[the S.F. reference is his, he's so proud -ed]
From Phil's Stock World:

Are they rioting in Africa?
Check – they are rioting in Africa!  Toppling governments in Tunesia?  Check, government toppled.  Riots and demonstrations also in Albania, BelarusJordan, Libya, Lebanon, Ireland, Egypt, Yemen, Zambia…  Even the British Royal Family attacked in their limo after being booed and jeered by a mob chanting "off with their heads."

If nothing else disturbs you while you buy your NFLX today – that last one should.  Rich folks in an industrialized nation trying to go to the theater in their limo and being attacked by an angry mob.  How long before we (in the top 1%) need to armor our cars and hire bodyguards?  Is this part of the Fed’s plans to create jobs – make the top 1% so much richer than the bottom 99% that we’ll need to hire guards just to go shopping at Whole Foods as we drive past the bread lines?

We’re in an era where the world and nations ignore the food issue at their peril,” World Food Bank’s Josette Sheeran said in an interview yesterday at the agency’s Rome headquarters. Risks of global instability are rising as governments cut subsidies that help the poor cope with surging food and fuel costs to ease budget crunches....MORE including a link to this CBS OpEd:
2011: The Year of Living Dangerously
Michael T. Klare: Rising Commodity Prices and Extreme Weather Events Threaten Global Stability