Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Xcel Energy, New York Attorney General Resolve Carbon Disclosure Issues (XEL)

From MarketWatch:
Xcel Energy and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo today announced an agreement that resolves greenhouse gas disclosure issues raised by Cuomo last fall.

"Xcel Energy voluntarily has reduced its carbon emissions by large amounts in recent years and plans to continue making significant reductions in CO2 emissions in the future," said Dick Kelly, chairman, president and CEO.

"We previously provided detailed information concerning the expected impact of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions regulations on our operations, and under this agreement we will make even more detailed disclosures. This agreement will enhance our already aggressive efforts to be responsible environmental stewards."
In a Sept. 14 subpoena, Cuomo sought information about Xcel Energy's public disclosures in filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the expected impact of climate change and the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions on the company's operations, financial condition and plans to construct a new coal-fired electricity generating unit at the Comanche station in Pueblo, Colo....MORE