Monday, August 25, 2008

Madonna's carbon footprint under scrutiny

The world is getting all Oniony.
From the Telegraph:
...The emissions generated by the singer’s 45 date tour is the equivalent to that created by 160 Britons in an entire year.

According to website, her 250 staff would generate 1,080 tons flying on commercial planes, while there would be 460 tons of carbon from her heavy cargo.

Among the 250 strong staff who travel with her include nine wardrobe assistants, 12 seamstresses, a 12-piece band, a chiropractor, personal trainer, masseuse, 16 caterers and around 100 technicians and dancers....

...Madonna has a history of speaking on behalf of the plant.

On stage at Live Earth in London last year she said: "If you want to save the planet, I want you to start jumping up and down."

At the time, her spokesman said: "Madonna’s agreeing to sing at Live Earth is merely one of the first steps in her commitment toward being environmentally responsible.

"She is educating herself and her family and has begun to make changes around her that reflect her awareness and concern for the future of the planet."