Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Venture capitalists: IPO market dead until 2010

UPDATE below.
From Financial Week:
Some don't see a rebound until 2012; in the meantime, VCs putting their green into greentech

Venture capitalists have delayed their expectations of when they will get returns on the money invested in start-up companies by more than a year, according to a new KPMG study released this week.

Not surprisingly, the revised timeline is mostly due to the frozen public markets and slumping economy....
The eventual turnaround in the IPO market will be led by public debuts of wind, solar and other clean technology companies, KPMG said....MORE
UPDATE: Research Recap also had the story and included one of the KPMG graphs:

...When asked to identify the industries that would receive the most venture funding in 2009, 27 percent indicated greentech, which was followed by digital entertainment at 23 percent, mobile at 20 percent, and life sciences at 16 percent.